Monday, 25 February 2013

Goldman Sachs- A Level Girls Inspire Programme- Friday 22nd February 2013

On Friday the 22nd of February, I attended what I would describe as an insight day at Goldman Sachs. This event gave girls who are currently doing their A levels an opportunity to find out what Goldman Sachs is all about. The event was held on two separate days with the first one on the 15th of February. I would say there was possibly more than 50 girls that attended the one I went to and we were all placed in one huge room on tables so we got to interact with each other. I was immediately impressed when I got there because it was the first time in ages where I have been somewhere and my name has been spelled right :)

Goldman Sachs building

This was our agenda for the day:

It was very well organised and as you can see we had a lot to do throughout the day. The day consisted of numerous presentations, a networking lunch and my favourite part, the trading game. Firstly, we had to take part in an ice breaker activity where we each given a sheet with a number of facts on them and we had to go around the room and find people who related to those facts. It was a great way to get everyone relaxed for the day ahead. After the ice breaker we sat through a number of presentations and I guess it'd be beneficial if I share some of the things I learnt :)

  • An investment bank acts as an intermediary between potential investors and those who seek capital
  • Look after large companies and governments
Key skills:
  • Enthusiasm and interest in the industry
  • High academic achievement
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Thinking and problem solving skills
  • Demonstrated leadership and teamwork capabilities
  • Evidence of hard work and commitment
  • Determination to succeed
  • Strong understanding of your own interests and work style

I could go on and on about all the things I learnt and found out about but I advise young people to take up these opportunities and go to loads and loads of insight days because I have definitely learnt a lot from attending this event.

We were all given a number of other things such as a booklet about internship/ experienced hires opportunities, a pen, a notebook and a wallet. If anyone is interested visit the Goldman Sachs careers page and there are numerous opportunities for undergraduates, graduates and experience hires not only in the UK but across the world.

Apart from this event that I applied to I also applied to Bank of America for a two-day programme and HSBC's one week work experience programme.

I will also be applying for:
  •  Morgan Stanley's three-day programme and open day
  • JP Morgan's insight day
  • Deutsche Bank/ Windsor fellowship internship
and anything else I come across.

Following on from HSBC's work experience programme I got through to the interview stage and I will be having my telephone interview this week which I might do a blog post on it to give advice and to share how I dealt with it if it will be of any importance to others.

There will definitely be more blog posts to come!!!

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  1. Hi Chantel, how exactly did you write your cover letter? Was there like anything specific you put in? Will be great to hear from you soon :) Thank you!