Saturday, 26 January 2013

Brightside E-mentoring Awards: Thursday 17th January 2013

Happy new year everyone! I know I'm 26 days late but this is my first post of 2013. I mentioned in my previous post that I got nominated for an award by Realising Opportunities for 'Most Active Mentee'. Unfortunately I didn't win but it's an honour to be acknowledged by my e-mentor and Realising Opportunities for my participation.


The event was held at Deloitte in Central London and the building was quite nice. When my mum and I arrived we were each given a booklet and a name badge. The booklet contained the programme for the evening and images and extracts from a phone interview each of the nominees had about the programme they were on and e-mentoring. As you can see what I said is on the image above and I even got quoted in bold on the page :) 

The nominations were:
  • Industry Mentor of the Year
  • Mentoring Pair of the Year
  • Student Mentor of the Year
  • Most Inspiring Mentee Journey
  • Most Active Mentee
If you would like to read the stories about the nominees visit this link:

This link shows you the photos from the event and I'm in one of them :) :

Overall, it was an inspiring night. It was nice to hear what other young people have achieved. I admire Brightside for their work and what they have achieved over the last couple of years. On the night Brightside launched their Start-Up loans scheme for young people aged 18-24 who want to start up their own business. If you are interested or know anybody that will be visit this link:  and get involved. This could be the foundation your small business needs to expand and become successful. I was glad that I attended. Hopefully, there will be other events to come this year.


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