Friday, 4 July 2014

Brief catchup!

Hello everyone :), I know I haven't posted in months and I apologise for that! Good news is that I have finished my first year of university and I receive my results in two weeks time. To be truly honest I am having a bit of a dilemma deciding what career path to take which is why I haven't been too active in looking for opportunities and posting about events. I know from previous blog posts it seems I have been so sure but I am trying to make some decisions. First year (planning for career wise) hasn't been too eventful as I am planning to do a placement year (a year I take out between my 2nd year and final year (four year degree programme)) so there wasn't many opportunities that I can really apply for because of that as a lot of them require me to be in my second year of a four year degree. I am hoping that as I am entering second year in October I will have a lot to share, especially my journey on looking for a year placement and perhaps applying for spring programmes as well but I will see. I'm really honoured that people are still reading my blog and I hope that my previous blog posts have been a great help to you!

God bless xoxo

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