Monday, 7 November 2011

At now it begins...

Hi, this is my first post and my aim is to get the best grades I can in college, get into a good university and find a job being an Investment Analyst.

For my AS grades I would love to get 'AAAAB' so I get a good foundation for the full A Level. For A2 I want to study Economics, Government and Politics and Maths and hopefully get A*A*A and get into the London School of Economics to study Government and Economics.

I want to be an investment analyst because unlike others that go into the financial sector to be and accountant I wanted to take a different path and do much more suited to me. The role of an investment analyst is to research, collect and analyse information which helps investment managers to make effective and profitable decisions on behalf of clients whilst building a successful investment portfolio. Investment analysts are employed by companies and investment trusts, stock trading and brokerage firms, investment banks and so on.

I made this blog just to share my experience on the steps I'm taking to get where I want to be. I ask for advice mainly in college and I find there's not really much around about getting into the financial sector. There is not really any specific degree you must do but make sure the subjects you pick are rounded and there a few essay based subjects involved.

I hope you enjoy following my progress and whatever interesting that comes up I will post :)

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