Tuesday, 14 August 2012

House of Fraser audition

So yesterday (13/08/2012) I attended my first ever job interview/assessment. I was pretty nervous because I didn't know what to expect. I managed to get there quite early meaning I was the first person there. After waiting for 20 minutes more people started to arrive and they were really nice. One of the girls was shocked that I managed to get an interview at House of Fraser with only doing work experience and not having an actual job. 

Not long afterwards the recruitment lady took us all into a room where we were split up into 3 groups. We were given a brief on an imaginary character that we had to form as our own and create an outfit for her. There was only 10 minutes to do this and then we went down to the shop floor to get the outfit which were were going to present to the panel. It was really important that I had to make sure I made an input with ideas and showed that I was getting involved because all of us were being assessed the whole way through even on the shop floor. 

Finally, when we got back upstairs each group had to present their idea in front of the panel. It was good that each group did it one by one without the other groups that which took off the pressure a little bit. In my opinion, I think that the presentation was successful but there is a lot of competition. I'm just thankful for the opportunity and I've learnt stuff from others just in a small space of time :)

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