Thursday, 1 November 2012

Catch up: UCAS, Realising opportunities and Primark

I haven't blogged in absolutely ages and I have been quite busy since college started so here's an update on my life so far.

Let me start with UCAS. My university application got sent off on the 25th of October after waiting a whole week for my college to approve it. My official five choices to study Economics Bsc are:

University of Surrey
Queen Mary's, University of London
University of Kent
University of Essex
Royal Holloway, University of London

As you can see I've picked universities that are really close to home. I just don't want to be that far away in case I get home sick and if I want to come back for a while it's cheaper and easier. All I can do is wait patiently for all the universities to review my application and give me their decisions in hopefully the next couple of weeks. For some reason I always feel the urge to log into track just in case a university has replied to me but it's very very early for that.

Secondly, I have finally finished my Realising opportunities academic assignment. It was a long process but it's finally done now which I'm extremely happy about. A couple of weeks ago I had to give a talk to some Year 12 students about this programme and it's nice to know that some of them have actually taken it upon themselves to get involved because it does help with preparation for uni and can help your application if you apply to the universities involved. Unfortunately, the only university I applied to on that programme is Essex but I guess it's better than nothing. The most important thing to do now is just to wait until February to find out if I have passed.

Another thing that has happened to me recently is that I have got a job!!!! I am now a retail operative at Primark and have been working there for two weekends so far. It is only a Christmas temp job but it's nice to know that from trying so hard throughout summer to get a job I finally managed to get one. The people there are really nice and I actually like working there. Hopefully it lasts beyond Christmas :)

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