Friday, 17 August 2012

Results Day!!! (16th August 2012)

Yesterday I receieved my AS results. I was absolutely terrified on my way to college. I think that was the longest bus journey ever. My heart was beating fast, my stomach was turning and for some reason I couldn't stop laughing with my friend but I think it was because I was so nervous. I finally arrived at college and was directed to go to the hall. My legs were absolutely shaking whilst I was walking up the stairs but finally I arrived and I was given an envelope... and I opened to see:

Economics: B
Unit 1: A
Unit 2: C

English literature: C
Exam: D
Coursework: A

Maths: A
C1: B
C2: A
S1: A

Further maths: C
FP1: A
S2: D
D1: C

Government and politics: A
Unit 1: B
Unit 2: A

I'm really happy about my results especially my Politics results. In a previous post I mentioned that I got an U in my first Politics exam and to re-take it and do unit 2 as well to get an A overall is amazing. I've decided to drop English literature and Further maths to continue with Maths, Economics and Politics for A2. I have to work extremely hard to keep up the standard of this year. It's seems that applying to LSE is still in my horizons but the year ahead is extremely important.

Time to focus on the future!!!


  1. Good Results! Being American we don't have A levels but SAT's instead. Having a degree from a University in the UK and the States, I would have to say I think I prefer the States a bit more. But enjoyed both experiences!

    1. Thank you :), that's good to hear. It would be great to experience studying abroad but I think I'll miss home too much.